Filming Bear Grylls – Malaysian Archipelago

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I specialise in natural history sequences but when the opportunity came along to shoot Bear Grylls here in Malaysia it wasn’t something I was about to pass up! Bear was in Sabah to film two episodes of his hit series Man vs Wild.¬†One episode was based in the jungles of Borneo and the other, titled Malaysian Archipelago¬†was slated to shoot on some of Sabah’s stunning islands. Bear has an very experienced and professional team of camera operators that work with him on a regular basis so it was a real pleasure to join them for a small part of the shoot and capture some images of Mr Grylls in action. The scene I shot involved Bear hunting for food on the reef off a small island. He’d rigged up a small viewing device (think glass-bottom boat but on a small, scavenged scale) so he could scan the reef for suitable targets and then he would dive down using a sort of trident he’d rigged up from bamboo. He had quite a tussle with a seriously irate lobster but eventually prevailed. No easy feat given that he had no goggles so all he could see was shapes and colours once he went under. Bear was a true pro and it was an amazing experience to work with such an iconic personality. Take a look at the finished scene in the video above.