Roger was a principal cameraman on the BBC’s Blue Planet II series. He is a British Emmy™ and BAFTA award-winning underwater cameraman, based in Sabah, Malaysia.  

Specialising in Natural history documentary film-making, Roger logged over 600hrs underwater as a principal cameraman on the Blue Planet II series. He filmed ten different stories for four episodes – One Ocean, Coral Reefs, Open Ocean and Our Blue Planet. You can read more about that on Roger’s Blue Planet II blog. An underwater cameraman since 2001 Roger has experience working in diverse locations and habitats from the Antarctic to the tropics, open ocean to coral reefs. While enjoying the challenge of filming megafauna, such as manta rays and blue whales, his specialty is crafting complex, character-led stories. Notable sequences include ‘Percy the Tuskfish’ smashing clams on an anvil for Blue Planet II, the first filming of the humpback whale heat-run in Tonga for One Life and a brutally enthralling turtle mating sequence for David Attenborough’s Life Story. Roger is an excellent freediver and also dives a rEvo closed circuit rebreather. He owns and operates an 8K Red DSMC2 Helium cinema camera housed in a Gates Deep Weapon underwater housing and has worked extensively with lighting and grip underwater.

For a selection of Roger’s recent film work please take a look at his selected credits.

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